Printable Sticker Charts | Positive Reinforcement

From my time working in toddler and pre-k classrooms to raising my own kids, I’ve found that positive reinforcement is the key to having kids who WANT to do their best. One of my favorite ways to help make positive reinforcement visible for kids is through sticker charts, so today I’m sharing these adorable Printable Sticker Charts!

Printable Sticker Charts | Positive Reinforcement

I love catching kids being good, because it helps teach that doing what they’re supposed to is rewarding! Even if that reward is just the good feeling of knowing that someone else saw them doing the right thing.

Check out this printable reward system for a more in-depth economics lesson, too!

Printable Sticker Charts | Positive Reinforcement

These sticker charts are designed to be used in a whole bunch of ways. You can use them for whatever you need them for! Some examples are catching good behavior, earning screen time, doing chores, etc! These also make amazing potty training charts, because they’re flexible to however you want to use them. I can’t stand when I find a cute chart but it already has times or days of the week already on it. I like things that can be used in a variety of ways!

There’s a rainbow, a screen time one, a cool treasure map, cute puppies and kittens, simple stars and moons, and a fun candy path. There’s a blank area on each one so you can title it however you need. Also, the sticker spots can also be colored in instead of using stickers. If you want these to be reusable, you can just print out one and put it in a plastic sleeve, a frame, or laminate it and use a dry erase maker!

Just click on the ones you like, and you’ll be taken to a page to print them out! I hope you enjoy using these Printable Sticker Charts!

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