Printable Spring Photo Props

We’ve waited patiently all winter to finally be opening our homes’ windows to welcome the glorious spring! Aren’t these printable spring photo props lovely?

Do you have any springtime traditions that you look forward to each year (besides spring cleaning)? Every year our kiddos make and decorate spring cards with pastel watercolors to send to our friends and family across the states.

These are perfect for springtime gatherings with friends and family. Or help your kiddos create a fun photo shoot during spring break. Create a simple backdrop on a blank wall in your home using paper fans and pinwheels.

Printable Spring Photo Props

Which printable photo prop is your favorite? There are so many to choose from within this collection, including springtime speech bubbles, tulips, rainbows, butterflies and ladybugs.

We have so many spring crafts and activities for kids, including this easy spring butterfly wreath. (It’s one of my favorite spring crafts we’ve shared and makes a delightful door decor.)

Printable Spring Photo Props

We always recommend that you print these pages on card stock so that they are easier to hold up straight. Cut out the images and then glue them to dowels or inexpensive tongue depressors so that they can be held up easily in your photos. Have fun with these darling props that will complement all your springtime photos!

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