Printable “Pin the Tail” Halloween Games

Since my daughter is having a Halloween birthday party in a few weeks, I’ve been working hard on creating some new Halloween party printables for her – and of course, for you, too! Here are three brand new Halloween games which are easy and free to print at home and use instantly. They are all a spin on the classic ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ game – but with a cute and spooky “Pin the Tail” Halloween theme instead. I suggest printing them out on heavier card stock paper to make them a little more durable for little hands to use. These are also great to use for classroom parties, especially because you can set up three groups to play at the same time!

3 Halloween Pin the Tail Printable Party Games

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How to play these Pin the Tail games:

  1. Cut out enough tails or noses for each player, and have each player put their initials on the back of each piece.
  2. Post the game background on the wall, and place tape or a thumbtack on each tail/nose.
  3. Blindfold the players and spin them around a step or two in front of the game.
  4. Have them place their tail/noe as close to the correct location as possible.
  5. The person who places their tail/nose closest to the correct location wins!

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