Printable Paper Unicorn Ornaments

These printable paper unicorn ornaments make the cutest decorations! String them on a colorful strand of small twinkly LED lights to add shimmer to your unicorn-themed birthday party or even to light up your child’s bedroom. They also make great party favors! Before you assemble them, fill them with candies, treats or unicorn-themed goodies. Your young guests will LOVE opening up their colorful little gifts to reveal the surprise inside!

And these printable paper unicorn ornaments are easy to assemble. Each page has a diagram of instructions, but here are a few tips:

  • Print out the ornaments on card stock. The black and white printables are to be color as desired. You might even want to use a little glitter glue for a sparkly touch!
  • Cut out the ornaments on the outside lines.
  • SCORE the folds with a ruler and dull pointed object such as a pen with no ink or the rounded tip of a butter knife.  It makes fitting the sides together infinitely easier! (Trust us. 😉 )
  • Fold as shown in the diagram on the printable, and generously use a glue stick to glue the flaps as you bring the pyramid shape together. Hold it for a few seconds until the glue adheres to the inside of the ornament. Of course you can use regular school glue, but will have to hold it together until it dries.
  • Use a needle and thread to put a loop through the top of each ornament to hang it as a decoration.

Printable Paper Unicorn Ornaments

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