Number Pie Printable Multiplication Game

Number Pie Multiplication Factors Printable Game

Who wants to have some FUN practicing multiplication in the classroom? Because seriously, who doesn’t love pie?! This adorable printable multiplication game can be easily made with a cheap pie tin, a sheet of felt, and the printable “pie filling” factor pages below. Let’s get started, because now I’m hungry for some PIE. 🙂

What You Need to Make this Printable Multiplication Game:

  • Tin foil pie tin (or an old metal pie tin)
  • 1 tan 12″ x 18″ sheet of felt (or construction paper for temporary use of the game)
  • Hot glue gun
  • (Optional) Paper lamination, if you want the paper numbers to last in a busy classroom

Make The Numbers “Pie Crust”

Trace around the pie tin onto the back of the felt, and cut out a circle the same size as your pie tin.

Cut (8) strips of felt for the lattice top, 12″ inches long by 1/2″ inch wide. Lay them out, 4 one direction, and 4 perpendicular to the others. Weave them across as you would a lattice pie crust. Dot each intersection of fabric with a bit of hot glue to keep it in place.

Weaving felt to make the lattice pie top

Weaving felt to make the lattice pie top

When you’re done weaving, lay it on top of the circle and trace the open center square onto the circle. Cut it out as shown below.

Cut a hole in the center before you glue the lattice to the "crust".

Cut a hole in the center before you glue the lattice to the “crust”.

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Trim the lattice strips and glue the lattice top to the circle top.

Numbers pie crust made of felt

Numbers pie crust made of felt

Once completed, glue the entire pie crust to the top of the pie tin.

Lastly, print out the “pie filling” number factors below, and cut out each circle. As mentioned earlier, you may want to laminate these pieces of paper if you anticipate them getting a lot of use in your classroom, or at least print them out on card stock.

How to Play the Number Pie Multiplication Game

The object is to practice memorization of single digit multiplication factors of 2 through 9. The pieces of fruit are the answers to an equation. Children must name the equation in order to keep the piece of fruit.

Put the set of numbers you want to practice inside of the pie. Allow children to reach inside and remove a piece of fruit. They must name the equation that results in the number they have chosen. For example, if you are practicing factors of 3, and they remove number 24, they must state “3 x 8 = 24”. If they give the proper equation, they get to keep the piece of fruit. If not, the piece of fruit must be returned to the pie.

Alternatively, you can put ALL of the different fruits inside the pie and use the Reference Chart to know what factors they need to use to answer the equation. If they pull out an apple with 18 on it, they would need to use a factor of 3 in their equation. If they pulled out a cherry 18, lemon 18, or strawberry 18, they would need to use a factor of 2, 6, or 9 respectively in order to answer the equation correctly and keep the piece of fruit.

When playing with a group, the winner is the one who has the most pieces of fruit when the game is completed. If playing with a single child, you can challenge them by timing them, tracking how many pieces of fruit they can keep within a 1, 2, or 3 minute length of time.

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