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Recently a few of my printable masks posts have been getting a lot of traffic from many different international websites. Wondering why this was, I found that the Carnival season between late January and through Lent. The Italian Carnival of Viareggio is also starts in the beginning of February, and a little Wikipedia research turned up some really interesting facts on how Carnival is celebrated differently all over the world – right down to our own Mardi Gras here in the U.S.A.

Over 50 Printable Masks for Kids

Elaborate costumes are impractical for young children or in a classroom/day care setting, but printing these masks out onto card stock and finding creative ways to decorate them and wear them will allow your kids to celebrate these beautiful international traditions!


Animal Masks

Each one of these animal masks are also available as blank coloring pages – great for classroom crafts and parties! And the cat masks come in several colors.

Halloween Masks

Perfect for Halloween classroom parties and Halloween crafts – this is only a sample, there are 10 total scary monster masks!

Monster Masks

Monster Masks

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If your children are smaller and would get upset or afraid of the above monsters, these adorable and cute Halloween animals are just your speed:

Greek Masks

Great for play theater and Greek history lessons! These are a part of a whole unit on Greek mythology:

Chinese Masks

Great for history lessons and Chinese New Year! Also included at this link are coloring pages for Chinese New Year and the Chinese zodiac:

Masquerade Masks

Great for Mardi Gras or Halloween fun!

Thanksgiving Masks

Great for American history lessons, informal Thanksgiving skits and Thanksgiving crafts: Also included are a few turkeys!

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