Printable Maps for Collage & Crafts

There are so many beautiful and inspiring DIY and craft projects that use vintage maps. From around the world, we have put together this collection of 14 printable maps for collage & crafts for you to use in one of your next creative ventures. Use them for paper mache, decoupage, art journals and collages. They make beautiful gift tags and wrapping paper for small presents. Print these vintage treasures and transfer them onto wood for home decor, signs, frames or clock faces. Or use them as the backsplash for a canvas art project with your favorite quote or message of inspiration. Teachers, use these maps for history and geography school projects.Printable Maps for Collage & Crafts

The craft project possibilities are endless! Get adventurous and ignite your wanderlust as you peruse through this beautiful collection of vintage images. You are sure to be inspired! (And please share your creations with us. We always love seeing our readers talents and project ideas brought to life.)

Looking for more inspiration for these vintage maps? Here is a collection of over 50 DIY projects using old maps (curated by Saved By Love Creations).

Printable Maps for Collage & Crafts

These would be the perfect pattern to use with our printable favor box or gift box templates.

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