Printable Logic Puzzles for Kids

Here’s a brand new set of worksheets to teach critical math skills: printable logic puzzles for kids! There are 9 puzzles varying from easy to intermediate to difficult. Each worksheet already has a data grid drawn out for kids to practice their deductive reasoning skills. They all also have an answer key – I was never very good at logic puzzles when I was a kid. So I appreciate being able to ensure students are on the right track without having to do each puzzle myself!

We have these puzzles and more in our Big Brain Teasers Book for Kids!

Beginner and Easy Printable Logic Puzzles for Kids

Intermediate Logic Puzzles for Kids

Difficult Logic Puzzles for Kids

Printable Logic Puzzles for Kids


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  1. Jessica Grove

    I am very interested in these logic puzzles, but the “Click To Print” button is not working for me. Would you have any suggestions as to why? Thank you!!

  2. David Porter

    Your logic puzzles would be perfect for some students I work with. Is it OK to reproduce them for students at a school as long as they’re attributed to you? Or would you limit the number of students I could use them with? Or?

    1. Post author
      Wendy Piersall

      Hi David – we have free unlimited use for educational purposes. As long as you aren’t charging for the use, you are free to use them in your classroom as much as you’d like!

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