Printable Kindness Door Hangers

Of ALL the activities we create, those that foster and cultivate kindness are my very favorite! I am so excited to be sharing these printable kindness door hangers with you! These encouraging notes are such an easy way to extend our joy to others. Simply click on your favorite images below and print. (I recommend printing them on cardstock.) Write a simple customized note on the back and sign it or leave it as an anonymous act of kindness. Then, I encourage you and your child to go wild hanging these on friends’ and neighbors’ doors.

The door hanger is enough to bring a smile to a friend’s face and make their day. But you could even take it a step further and leave a treat for them if you wish. Here are some fun ideas to include with your door hangers:

  • Homemade cookies, brownies, granola or any favorite sweet treat
  • A painted picture or collage
  • Fresh flowers cut from your garden
  • Store bought donuts or muffins for a breakfast treat

Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of bringing a ray of sunshine to your friend! I promise that delivering these kindness door hangers will bring you as much joy as it does your friend receiving it.

Printable Random Acts of Kindness Door Hangers

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