Printable Journal Prompts for Kids & Teens

We’re never too young or too old to start journaling. Especially during this tumultuous time in the world, journalling can be a cathartic exercise to help process our emotions through these new experiences we’re walking through. We are so happy to share with you these guided journal pages and 50 printable journal prompts for kids & teens.

Not only is journaling a great way to improve your child’s writing skills, it promotes self discovery, gratitude and perspective. Our hope is that these journal prompts will inspire your child to connect with their feelings and communicate their ideas within these pages.

I have journaled since I was a young girl, and have kept every diary and notebook I’ve ever filled. Writing in my journal has helped me through the most difficult of times and has nurtured my confidence and joy in the best of times. Like me, my journaling has transformed over the years. These days my entries are simple. I record three things I am most grateful for at that moment and then the bravest move I’ve made throughout the day to remind myself of my strength and courage. I sometimes include my prayers for others.

I’ve passed the practice of journaling to my daughters (seven and nine) who also write daily. We pass a notebook back and forth with each other, sharing good news, fears, dreams, wishes and desires. It’s a love letter of sorts, and a tradition that I hope we continue always. (BIG Momma sigh.)

Printable Journal Prompts for Kids & Teens

Here is a wonderful read from about How Journaling Benefits Your Child.

Printable Journal Prompts for Kids & Teens

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Lined Journal Pages

Here are all 50 journal prompts on lined printable pages for your kiddos. Print each page one at a time or all 25 pages together to create a journal for your child.

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