Printable Homeschool Room Wall Art

In 2020, there are going to be more homeschoolers and distance learners than ever before. Whether you have a whole room you can dedicate, or just a corner of your kitchen, a little wall art can help designate an area of your home as your kids workspace. I made this collection of Printable Homeschool Room Wall Art to add a bit of brightness and fun to your learning space!

Printable Homeschool Room Wall Art

Printable Homeschool Room Wall Art

I personally have homeschooled my kids before, but have had them attend brick and mortar schools for the past 4 years. However, this year we’ll be doing distance learning again because of Covid-19. And I bet a lot of you will too. I made some cute alphabet posters and a hundreds chart for kids in the younger grades. Then there is one of my favorite Thomas Edison quotes to help inspire. Also, our family is a bunch of geeks, so the wisdom of Yoda is a must have. Also, this is a great tone to pull out when your kids answer to “you need to have this done by the end of the day” is “Fine. I’ll try.” I’m not the only one with an occasionally grouchy middle schooler, right?

I also included a list of both historical and modern day famous people who were homeschooled or did online learning. This is a great list to have on the wall, especially if your kid is concerned that homeschooling (if even for a year) will affect their social status or their future. For the last wall art, I added something that I say to my kids all the time. Be A Good Human. I don’t care what you choose to be when you grow up, or what you’re hobbies are, or what you’re interested in. My only expectation for you is to be a good, kind human being. Everything else after that is just a bonus!

To print these, just click on the wall art you like and it will take you to a page to print it out! These are best on nice thick printer paper, and look best printed at standard 8×10 or smaller! I hope you enjoy this Printable Homeschool Room Wall Art, and it brings some joy to your learning space!

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