Printable Halloween Templates

Craft templates are pretty popular around here because they can be used so many ways – for stencils, cookie cutters, decorations, banners, scrapbooking… whatever. Here’s a new set of printable Halloween templates for any of your crafting needs. Please do not use them for any mass produced items or commercial items. You can use them for your own crafts, or crafts you sell in your own craft fair booth in numbers of less than 100. These templates could also be used as simple pumpkin carving stencils, but we have a whole huge category with well over 100 stencils on this site dedicated to that!

Some of the things these shapes and templates can be used for: applique, classroom bulletin boards, Halloween window decorations, Cricut crafts, paper crafts, DIY t-shirt stencils, and more. What do you plan on using them for? Leave a comment to inspire the rest of our community with your fun Halloween project ideas!

Printable Halloween Templates


These stencils are a part of our 240+ page Halloween Fun Printables Bundle. Instantly download HOURS Halloween games and activities for kids ages 3-10!

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  1. Cobie Marshall

    Looking for a variety of printable bubble letters for halloween. individual letters with witches, pumpkins, ghosts and vampires. I’m having very little luck. Can you help?

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