Printable Halloween Tangram Puzzles

These printable Halloween tangram puzzles are for kids of ALL ages who love solving puzzles and playing with shapes. This set includes a witch, a bat, an owl, some pumpkins and more! Along with all the fun you’ll have solving these puzzles, you’ll be building problem solving skills while getting some geometry lessons in.

Printable Halloween Tangram Puzzles

Start by printing the tangram puzzle pieces. You can print the full color version or the color-your-own version, whichever you prefer! Then, cut out each piece when done. For a longer-lasting game, print them out on card stock. You can even laminate them for extra durability and longevity.

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Printable Halloween Tangram Puzzles

Here are 9 Halloween tangram puzzles. Play by figuring out how every tangram puzzle piece fits into the outlined shapes on the page. ALL SEVEN tangram pieces are used in every single Halloween puzzle! So you may have to move and rotate shapes around several times to figure out how they fit. Have fun with these mind bending brain teasers!

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Halloween Tangram Puzzle Answers

Stumped? Print out this answer key in case you can’t figure them out. But try to keep it hidden and no cheating!

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