Printable Halloween Story Starters for Kids

We haven’t posted new writing prompts in a while – so I’m quite happy to say that today we get to share a brand new set just for Halloween! These three story starting ideas get kids to think creatively about what their Halloween jack o’ lantern might say to them, what it would be like to invite “real” monsters to a party, and what life would be like if Halloween were a week long.

Personally, I think that dentists might even lobby for that last idea – think of all the new patients they would get from a week-long candy fest! I think what scares me most is the week-long sugar high we would have to endure. Now THAT is a frightening Halloween story!!

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For a lot of kids, Christmas tops the list of favorite holidays, but Halloween takes a pretty close second. Of course, much of this has to do with the candy aspect of the day, but there’s a lot more to it. Dressing up in costumes is super fun, and it’s always interesting to see what characters our little ones want to portray when heading out and about in the neighborhood asking for candy. Throw in the fact that Halloween is a big day for parties, and you’ve got a child’s dream-come-true. There’s nothing quite like topping off an evening of trick-or-treating with a little apple bobbing or maybe a scary story or two.

Whether your kiddos are donning tiaras and wings or dressing up as the undead, Halloween is the day when they get to show it off and appreciate all the aspects of the holiday with their friends and families. Silly, scary, pretty, or just plain weird, it really is a day just devoted to having a darn good time.

Halloween Story Starters Printable

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  1. leine

    I’m going to use them with my sts on Monday or Friday, then I’ll let you know.I think they’re cute and inspiring!!

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