Printable Halloween Mazes for Kids

Have we mentioned that we looooove Halloween at Woo! Jr.? Here are nine brand new printable Halloween mazes for kids ages 6 to 9 and older! We’ve included a few pretty spooky ones: a glaring skull, Dracula, a wide-eyed ghost, a creaky haunted house and a vampire bat on the move. If you’re looking for something on the softer side, you’ll love the little black kitty and the perched wise owl.

Printable Halloween Mazes for Kids

The twists and turns of these maze puzzles provide excellent entertainment for your child, while improving their cognitive thought processes. These worksheets are a great way to improve problem solving skills, while boosting patience, persistence and hand-eye coordination. Mazes are an excellent exercise in focus and concentration. And the completion of a maze, especially a challenging one, definitely deserves a high-five reward!

This set of activity pages is another great one to print ahead of time. Stow them away in your car with a pencil box. Print two on a page and compile a Halloween activity book. (We have so many more seasonal related resources on our website.)

Looking for more creative Halloween themed entertainment for your young ones? Combine these mazes with some of our other fabulous Halloween activities like our Halloween Dot to Dots and Our Cut And Paste Halloween Fun Faces.

Printable Halloween Mazes for Kids

Download our Halloween Fun Pack Bundle of 240+ pages of printable Halloween activities all at once here and get our 90+ page Halloween Activity Book for FREE!

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