Printable Finger Puppets to Cut and Color

Printable Finger Puppets to Cut and Color

We are so excited to post this more adorable new set of kids printables – finger puppets for coloring and role playing! We have 18 different characters that are super cute and fun for a wide range of kids – aliens, children, pets, fairies, and a whole bunch of fantasy characters (ninja, mermaid, etc.).

Instructions are simple: color the finger puppets you want to play with, cut it out, and then wrap it around your finger, using invisible tape to secure it to fit. The bands are extra long, so you might end up trimming them a little bit if necessary.

If your kids are really theatrical, you can grab a fun tabletop theater for them to put on plays with their finger puppets. We used to “produce” plays when we were kids and visited family friends that were creative and fun (and one of them grew up to be a theater teacher, too!). I can only imagine the fun we would have had with a set of puppets and a stage like this!

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