Printable Find the Match Puzzles

Kids love tales of magic and adventure. Some of my daughters’ favorite storybooks include dragons, wizards and fairies. Their imaginations run wild within the make believe worlds. Worlds where wonder is plentiful, wishes are granted, and fantastical adventures await. Within this set, we have paired imaginative creatures with printable find the match puzzles, creating an adventurous activity for your children. These magically themed worksheets include Pegasus, griffons, trolls, mermaids, unicorns and MORE!

These puzzle pages are a perfect activity for your youngsters to do during independent learning or quiet time. We suggest these printables for ages 5 to 8. Each worksheet includes six illustrations, only two of which are exactly the same image. Direct your students to find the two figures on the page that match and circle the pair. Some of the pictures will be easy to spot the differences and others a bit more challenging. (We have included a set of answer keys for reference just in case. 😉 )

Printable Find the Match Puzzles

Looking for more challenging worksheets for your older kids that feature some of these same characters? Check out these mythical creatures dot to dots printables!

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