Printable Favor Box or Gift Box Templates

Printable Box Template

I’ve always been fascinated with package design, so this little project is an exciting first step for me to start putting together some of my own box templates to print & download.

For the favor box pictured above, I printed out the box template onto double sided scrapbook lightweight cardstock. I actually intended for this side of the paper to be on the inside, but fed the paper into my printer wrong. ‘Doh! So I recommend doing a trial run to ensure you are getting what you want before you print out the box template onto your nice papers.

Printed onto a regular letter sized piece of paper at 8.5″ x 11″ inches, the box stands approximately 5 inches tall. If you have a printer or copier to print at larger sizes, you could turn this box template into a gorgeous gift box, or print it on plain paper and let the kids color and decorate it.

How to Put Together the Favor Box

Simple. Just print and then cut out the box template on the outside solid lines. Make folds on the gray dotted lines, and glue the one flap on the bottom end of the template to the opposite end of the box. Then fold the bottom box flaps as shown and tuck the last flap underneath the top flap.

Box Template Bottom Flaps

Download and Print the Favor Box Template

Printable Favor Box Template - 8 1/2 x 11 GIF

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Printable Favor Box Template
8 1/2 x 11 GIF

Printable Favor Box Template
Scalable PDF

Wedding Favor & Valentine’s Day Heart Gift Box Cones

To celebrate the season of love, I also created a favor cone with a heart shape on top. It’s great for wedding shower favor boxes, or alternatively would be equally awesome to house Valentine’s Day candy treats.

The print on the paper in the photo was some leftover scrapbooking paper I had laying around. You can print the box template on the back of any printed/plain/colored paper to make your favor cones look however you want. They are super simple to assemble, but I do highly recommend scoring the folds before you start, because the bottom corner gets awfully tight. After that, just fold, glue the flap, and tie the hearts together on top with some ribbon.

Alternatively print it on blank paper and let the kids decorate it themselves!

Heart Favor Box / Cone

Heart Favor Box / Cone

Print this GIF file on regular letter size paper.

Print this PDF if you want to scale

the favor cone to a different size.

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  2. chris

    Now these are really useful templates, I’m a bit of a gift packaging nut and love making things, these are very inspiring, thanks, such a great creative blog. Back for more soon 🙂 x

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