Printable Family Funny Fill In Stories

These printable family funny fill in the blanks word games are the perfect accompaniment for a fun night in. You will all be giggling while creating these silly stories together with titles such as “Sister Troubles,” “Fun with Aunts and Uncles,” and “Sibling Matters.”


Ad lib word games are such an engaging collaborative activity to play as a family without having a winner or loser. Have one family member prompt the others to come up with a list of words to substitute for the blanks within the story. Then read it aloud and discover just how hilarious your story creation is. Aside from the ease of just clicking and printing to plan your fun family game night, one of the best parts of this activity is that your kiddos probably won’t catch on that they are practicing their parts of speech and honing their vocabulary skills. That’s a triple WIN!

What are your favorite family games to play? Leave a comment below and tell us about how you incorporate games into your family time. We love hearing from you!

Printable Family Funny Fill In the Blank Stories

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