Printable Fall Word Puzzles for Kids

Woo hoo! Here’s a brand new set of fall word puzzles for kids! These printables are beautifully designed to be super-appealing to kids in your classroom. There’s a fall words crossword and cryptogram puzzle, and a word scramble. There’s also two word searches about fall animals and kinds of trees! Scroll further down to see our word ladders.

Download 160 pages of fall-themed activities all at once here!

Fall Word Puzzles for Kids

Fall Word Ladders Worksheets

Word ladders are a teacher favorite for helping kids to practice spelling and expanding their vocabulary words. These fall word ladders use a couple of words not found in everyday conversations, which will make students stretch their knowledge of words they know! Play word ladders by changing ONLY one letter on each line to make a new word. Answer keys are included if you get stuck!

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Printable Fall Word Puzzles for Kids

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