Printable Earth Day and Arbor Day Writing Prompts for Kids

We have hundreds of writing prompts / story starters for kids for nearly every occasion and season. Here’s two brand new sets of writing worksheets to help your students discuss the priorities and benefits of taking care of our environment. The first set of 8 is for Earth Day, which was founded in 1970 as a movement to end pollution. In the last few years, the organization has put a more specific focus on ending plastic pollution. This has become one of the most detrimental things to happen to our environment, especially in our oceans. Recently a disturbing video from a sea diver filming plastic pollution in the ocean near Bali went viral. We think every child should see this!

Earth Day Writing Prompts

4 Writing Prompts for Arbor Day

Below are 4 more writing prompts to celebrate trees! Arbor Day started in America in 1872, when one million (!!) trees were planted in Nebraska. Today is is celebrated by planting trees on the last Friday in April. But, if you live in the northern part of the country, you might need to wait a little later in the season for optimal planting times. The important thing is this: plant trees!

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