Printable Dog Masks in 6 Different Breeds!

I literally could. not. wait. to post these ADORABLE new printable dog masks for you! They were drawn by our super talented staff junior art director Lilia, and she did an AMAZING job on them, don’t you think?!

Printable Dog Masks - An Easy Kid’s Craft for Dog Lovers

Printable Dog Masks in Full Color and Coloring Pages

We recommend printing out these dog breed masks on card stock, and you can assemble them two different ways. The main instructions are on each page. You can simply cut out (and color, if necessary) the dog mask and poke holes in the tabs to tie the mask around your head. But you can also cut them out, and cut OFF the tabs, and mount the mask to a large popsicle stick (tongue depressor size). Then you can hold the mask in front of your face as desired. These masks would be GREAT props for a party photo booth, a summer camp craft, or for a 5-minute Halloween costume!


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