Printable Colors Flashcards

We are happy to present a fun new set of preschool printables today! This set of¬†printable colors flashcards is great for children ages 3 – 5 who are just starting to learn color recognition. We’ve included a labeled and unlabeled set based on whatever your students need. Each color includes 4 flashcards with common items or animals associated with that color. Each page also includes a balloon of the color and those can be cut up and used as a matching set. We recommend printing and laminating these color cards for extra durability.

You might also like our learning colors worksheets to practice association between colors and common items!

Printable Colors Flashcards

Printable Colors Flashcards

Use this set of flashcards if you want your children to also associate the word with the color. We have included a set below that do not include the color names, too.

Unlabeled Colors Flashcards

Use this set if you want your children to simply recognize the color and not associate the word. These are great for kids who haven’t learned alphabet letters yet!

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