Printable Coloring Puzzles for Kids

Here is a fabulous three-part activity to entertain your preschool aged children. We have combined coloring, scissors practice and puzzle solving all into one worksheet! There is even a reading exercise for them built into the instructions. 😉 This set of printable coloring puzzles for kids is an excellent skill-building activity for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Printable Coloring Puzzles for Kids

All YOU have to do is click and print. The rest of this project is up to your kiddos, which means MORE time for YOU to do whatever you’d like. 😉 Once they have colored the picture, have them cut out the puzzle pieces. Voila! They have created their own puzzle game! They will mix up the pieces and will have so much fun solving their own puzzle creation. You may want to print these activity pages on cardstock and even laminate them once the pieces have been cut out for longevity. Whether using them in the classroom or at home, your young students are certain to love these puzzle game worksheets!

Printable Coloring Puzzles for Kids

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