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Last year, my Christmas math worksheets were a huge hit. I’m so glad that you all liked them, and you’ve inspired me to get creative. So this year, I’m starting early to make sure I have plenty more Christmas printables ready for December! You might also like these Winter Multiplication Worksheets, too!

The first one is a set of letter tiles that the kids can cut out and then arrange to spell out the names of Santa’s reindeer. (And, yes, Rudolph is on there, too!) Then there’s a word search where each of the words or phrases is directly related to Santa Claus. It seems like everyone loves our Ad Libs, so I’ve done two up for the holiday. These usually give both kids and adults a good laugh. You’ll also find a word scramble focusing on the letter S, and a word ladder I’ve added in from last year’s collection of Christmas themed word puzzles.

If you happen to be traveling for the holidays, having these puzzles printed out and ready to go is a handy way to have a quick distraction when things start getting tense in the car or on the plane. Whether you hand out word searches or do the Ad Libs as a family, introducing these kinds of activities can help refocus the kiddos who may be getting tired of sitting in their seats for hours on end.

Download 290+ pages of Christmas activities all at once here!

Christmas Ad Libs

Christmas Ad Libs

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If you want to be able to use them over and over, you can also try putting them in those plastic sheet protectors and placing them in a binder. The kids can use dry erase markers to do the activities and then just wipe the ink off. I like the idea of making a book of these kinds of things for each kid with the idea that they get to trade them at each “pit stop” along the way.

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