Printable Christmas Photo Props

Are you hosting a holiday party this year? These printable Christmas photo props will be a HUGE hit and will add tons of fun to every one of your holiday celebrations! Recreate Santa’s village with your kids while trying on Santa’s beard, a pair of reindeer antlers and an elf hat. (Santa, don’t forget the Ho-Ho-Ho.?) Keep your props out all season long, by placing them in a basket nearby for everyone to use as they take selfies next to the Christmas tree. I can pretty much guarantee you that you’ll be making so many funny memories during your Christmas gatherings.

Teachers, this is a super fun and engaging activity to include in your upcoming classroom parties. Put up a simple backdrop, print and cut out these photo props, and let the fun and giggles begin!

Printable Christmas Photo Props

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Printable Christmas Photo Props

We recommend that you print these pages on card stock so that they have some thickness to hold up straight. Cut out the images and then glue them to dowels or cheap tongue depressors so that they can be held up easily in your photos. Have fun with these! You’ll have the cutest Christmas pics on the block.

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