Printable Christmas Nativity Set

We love all things vintage inspired here at Woo!Jr. So we are so happy to share this beautiful printable Christmas nativity set that you can color, cut and assemble with your little ones.

This nativity paper craft is such a fun family activity to do with your kiddos and their grandparents. Watch the interaction between them as nostalgia sets in while sharing their stories of Christmas and the traditions passed on from generation to generation.

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General Directions:

Print all 8 pages below on card stock.

Color all parts before cutting out. Do not color any spaces where tabs are to be pasted down.

Cut out on outside lines and fold on dotted lines. Insert numbered tabs in slots of the same number. If a knife is run through the slot in the same direction the tab is to be inserted, it will be much easier to insert the tab.

To score, lay a ruler along the dotted lines and run a dull edge or dull point along the lines with enough pressure to make the paper fold easily. To cut the slots, use the point of a knife or scissors. Be sure to cut in the direction the tab is to be inserted. The slots are indicated by short, heavy lines.

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To stand figures, lay the support on the back of the figure so that the bottom of the support is a little lower than the bottom of the figure. Paste the small area above the dotted line to the back of the figure. Fold up on the dotted line to form the support for the figure. Supports for odd-sized figures are marked. The other supports will fit any of the remaining figures.

A nice effect may be obtained by using an overhead light to illuminate the stable. Cut and fold back the flap shown on the back of the roof. Hang a small bulb over the opening so it is concealed by the hill and lets the light shine down into the stable. A small pocket flashlight may also be used, in which case a smaller opening may be used.

The figures of the three wise men on camels and extra shepherds are provided so that a scene can be made to show the wise men and shepherds following the star in addition to the primary nativity scene.

Full Printable Nativity Set

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To construct the stable in the hillside:

  1. Cut out the two halves of hillside (Sheets 1 and 2). Score and fold on dotted lines. Cut slots. Paste the two halves together. It will be much easier to cut out spaces marked “X” if this is done before the two halve are pasted together. However, in doing this be very careful to leave the necessary margin on the cross beam and the hillside above the stable.
  2. Cut out sides of stable (Sheet 3). Score and fold on dotted lines. Lay hillside face down and past sides to back of beams A and B at places indicated.
  3. Cut out back of stable (Sheet 4). Score and fold on dotted lines. Paste the back of beams on sides of stable to the space indicated on the back of stable, completing the walls.
  4. Cut out floor (Sheet 6). Cut slots. Insert tabs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 in corresponding slots and paste.
  5. Cut out the front framework (Sheet 5). Score and fold on dotted lines. Insert tabs 8 and 9 in corresponding slots on hill and tabs 10, 11, 12 and 13 in corresponding slots in floor. Paste.
  6. Cut out front half of roof (Sheet 3). Cut slots. Insert tabs on framework into these slots of corresponding number and paste.
  7. Cut out back half of roof (Sheet 4). Cut slots. Score and fold on dotted lines. Insert tabs 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 into corresponding slots and paste, colored side facing down.
  8. Cut out supports (Sheet 3). Score and fold on dotted lines. Paste to stable floor ad “X” and “Y” and to end of hillside. This causes the hillside to curve in a realistic manner.
  9. Cut out the star (Sheet 6). Score and fold on dotted line. Paste bottom tab to roof at the indicated place. Cut out support and paste it to the star and top of hillside.

Constructing the manger:

  1. Cut out the top part of manger (Sheet 5). Score and fold on dotted lines. Paste together to form sides.
  2. Cut out bottom part of manger. Score and fold on dotted lines. Paste the tab to the other end to form the legs of manger.
  3. Cut out the top of manger. Score and fold on dotted lines. Paste the tabs to other parts. (See sketch.)
  4. Cut out Babe (Sheet 5). Insert into the slot in the top of manger.

Printable Christmas Nativity Set

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