Printable Bookplates for Kids

We are about to launch into the summer reading season, so we’ve put together a brand new set of printable bookplates for kids (and some grown ups, too!). But these are perfect for any time of the year, of course! You can also use them when going back to school to ensure that your child’s books make it back home safe and sound. Bookplates are great for kids who are voracious readers and like to trade books with friends or family. Simply print these out, cut them out, and glue inside the front cover of your books. If you are concerned about damaging the paper, you can always use these removable/repositionable glue sticks. Alternatively for older and collectible books, I would recommend using an acid-free glue. Either way, kids will have a blast being able to claim their books with their own names. And they will have extra fun as they share favorite titles with others!

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Printable Bookplates for Kids

Download our Back to School Printable Activities Bundle – 210 pages of engaging entertainment wrapped up in one PDF package!

Printable Bookplates for Kids


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