Printable Birthday Story Starters

Use these printable birthday story starters to spark your child’s imagination and creativity. Worksheets such as these help students at all language proficiency levels strengthen their language skills through creative writing. Each writing prompt within this collection encourages youngsters to thoughtfully write based on an experience or reflection, a birthday wish or simply to dive deep into the realm of their imagination. And one of the best benefits of using story prompts is that children are creating their own story.  They usually have no idea that they’re also practicing and building skills. 😉

As a child, your birthday is commonly your most favorite day of the year. And most likely, your most favorite holiday as well. 😉 And that is why you’ll find tons of birthday activities in our archives. We want to celebrate our readers with engaging activities that help parents and teachers generate even more excitement around the special celebration.

We would love to learn more about how you use story starters at home or in the classroom. Please leave us a comment below and share your successes and favorite stories with us.

Printable Birthday Story Starters

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