Printable Birthday Cards and Coloring Cards

Ever find yourself searching your home high and low for a last-minute birthday card? After years of frantically searching in drawers and filing cabinets for last minute greeting cards, I have finally learned to keep a stash of them on hand. And this set of printable birthday cards and coloring cards is the perfect solution so you can dash out the door without having to stop at the dollar store on your way to the celebration. You will find an assortment of darling designs for every age. And there are even six birthday cards for your kids to color in themselves.

Printable Birthday Cards and Coloring CardsMy daughters love putting together activity books as gifts for their friends. We print some of their favorite birthday-themed activity pages (like these birthday ad libs and happy birthday grid coloring pages). They also include some of their favorite coloring pages and drawing tutorials (usually from the unicorn coloring pages).  Then they bind them together with customized front and back covers made from construction paper with notes of birthday love sprinkled throughout their homemade activity book. I like to include a package of markers or colored pencils and a gift card to a favorite local ice cream or coffee shop. This gift is always a hit with the kids and parents!

Printable Birthday Cards and Coloring Cards

Download our kids’ birthday party activities bundle – a collection of 240+ pages of printables to make your party prepping simple!

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