Printable Back to School Mazes

Here are some more fun activity pages to get your kiddos excited about the new school year! This set of printable back to school mazes is perfect for preschool and kindergarten students. These puzzles are easy enough for young students to wind and loop through, without hitting too many dead ends. And the best part about these printables is that your child really has no idea that you’re sneaking a lesson into such a fun activity. 😉

Printable Back to School Mazes

Mazes are a great activity for building fine motor and cognitive skills. Working through mazes hones persistence, patience, problem solving and finishing a task from start to finish. All of these are valuable life skills that are strengthened by learning through play activities.

As a classroom or family activity, challenge your kiddos with a maze race. You can also create a fun activity pack by printing some of our other freebies and collating them into a fun booklet or folder. Your fun pack could also include these back to school hidden pictures, school coloring pages and learning colors worksheets. This is perfect to keep in the car for road trip and errand “boredom busters.”

Printable Back to School Mazes

Download our Back to School Printable Activities Bundle – 210 pages of engaging entertainment to kick off the new school year!

If you have a budding artist at home, you might also like these back to school themed finish the picture symmetry drawing worksheets.

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