Printable Art Coloring Pages

This set of printable art coloring pages is a super fun way to introduce art to children of all ages! Watch their creativity soar as they bring these art coloring pages to life with their favorite crayons, markers or colored pencils.


We could talk forever about the skills developed and honed while working through these art coloring pages: hand-eye coordination, visual motor skills, dexterity, endurance and so much more. However, how about simply coloring to nurture children’s imagination and creativity.

This set of coloring worksheets includes fun illustrations of silly characters. Encourage your students to name their artist friends and have them begin a storyline. For instance, Alexander the Alligator is riding his magical palette. Where is he going? Penley the Pencil is headed to his first day of school. What is he most excited about and what did he pack in his school supply box to color with? And Crafty Caitlin is creating a masterpiece for an art contest with paper, scissors and glue. What do you think she is making? All of these coloring pages provide an excellent starting point for a lovely story. And if you are looking for story starters, we have hundreds HERE!

Printable Art Coloring Pages

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