Preschool Chinese Lantern Craft

When my boys were younger, our family was invited to a huge Chinese New Year Celebration. It was truly the largest event I ever attended, and even many many years later, my boys still talk about the Chinese New Year Party we went to. They had craft activities for the kids, Chinese acrobats preforming, a dancing dragon, and the night ended with a huge fireworks display. The kids loved the acrobats, dragon, and crafts. However, they were a little scared of the fireworks. I was cleaning up one of our craft closets recently, and I found their Preschool Chinese Lantern Craft projects from one of the Chinese New Year Celebrations we went to all those years ago.

DIY Chinese Lantern Craft for Preschoolers

Here’s an alternate construction paper lantern craft for kids 5 and up, or check out these adorable Chinese New Year hidden pictures!

Preschool Chinese New Year Project Supplies:

  • Red and yellow construction paper.
  • School glue.
  • Craft popsicle sticks. 
  • Scissors.
  • Ribbon or twine. 

This project is a great activity for kids. They can work on their fine motor skills and create the entire project alone. And, above all, it’s a really fun way to teach little ones about other cultures and their celebrations.

Let’s get started! Begin by cutting the red and yellow construction paper in half lengthwise.

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Second, fold each sheet with an accordion fold.

Then, while the paper is still folded, cut the sides of the fold into points.

Now, unfold the paper, and after that, add a line of school glue to the top and bottom of the folded paper and place a craft popsicle stick on the glue. Then, repeat this step for each lantern.

Finally, glue or tape the ribbon or twine on the back of the lantern so it can be hung.

That’s it! I hope this fun project has inspired you to create your own Preschool Chinese Lantern Craft. In addition, I hope it has inspired you to celebrate the Chinese New Year with your family.

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