Positive Thinking Journal Prompts for Kids

Back in April 2020, we were looking for a way to cultivate gratitude and positive thinking in our children. Our world had suddenly shifted and we were all experiencing fear within our schools, jobs and homes. Thus, we wrote and shared 50 printable journal prompts for kids. Our goal was to help children find joy within their day and be able to simply write it down in a safe creative space. These journal pages inspired our upcoming release of the Positive Thinking Journal. We are thrilled about sharing this book with you, hoping that these positive thinking journal prompts inspire your child to connect with their feelings and communicate their ideas within the pages of their very own diary.

Positive Thinking Journal Prompts for Kids

This gratitude diary for children is packed with hundreds of gratitude journal prompts, self-care planner activities, and positive thinking exercises that help boost their self-esteem.

Help your kids focus on the happy things in life. Tiny acts of gratitude can change the way your kids think and feel day-to-day. With these journal prompts and positive affirmations for kids, this journal for kids encourages your child to be vocal about the things that make them happy and look on the bright side each and every day. Explore mindfulness for kids with affirmations coloring pages, too! A 365 Day Positivity Journal for Kids

Make a habit out of positive thinking. Journaling is a great way to reminisce on your days. With the Positive Thinking Journal, your kids can form the habit of journaling, and keeping track of everything they are grateful for and the positive things that happened in their day. These kid-friendly positive thinking journal prompts for kids have a variety of gratitude and mindfulness activities to help your little ones focus on the best things in their lives.

Inside the Positive Thinking Journal, you’ll find:

  • Gratitude-filled journal prompts
  • Positive affirmations for kids
  • Guided journal pages
  • Self-care planning ideas
  • Positive sayings coloring pages

Order your copy of the Positive Thinking Journal HERE today!

Positive Thinking Journal Prompts for Kids

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