Popsicle Stick Peacock Craft

Popsicle Stick Peacock Craft

Hi there! Let’s learn how to make this Popsicle Stick Peacock Craft today. You only need a few supplies and you can make it monochromatic like I did, or make a super bright rainbow peacock. It’s up to you! Here’s what you’ll need.

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Popsicle Stick Peacock Craft


  • 16- 20 popsicle sticks
  • paint
  • felt
  • thin marker slightly darker than your paint color
  • black marker
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

Start by laying out all your popsicle sticks on a piece of paper or newspaper. Go ahead and paint them with your color (or colors) of choice and let them dry. Next you’re going to take your thin marker and make a teardrop shape at the top of your popsicle stick.

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Color in a circle at the bottom of the teardrop. This creates the typical peacock feather eye. Draw a line straight down from this all the way down the stick. Then just make lines curving upward on each side of this center line to complete the peacock feather!

Do this for all of your “feathers.” Now we can start putting the feathers together. Put a medium sized dot of hot glue at the end of one of your feathers, and lay another one on top, but angled slightly outwards so there’s a gap at the top of the feathers. There should be an inch between the tips of each of the feathers.

Continue layering the feathers in the same way, keeping them all the same distance apart at the top and all in one even stack at the bottom.

Your final feather should be even on the bottom with your first feather, in a straight line. Then you’ll be able to set the whole stack of feathers upright and they’ll stand on their own! Now let’s make the body and head of our peacock. I just freehand drew the profile of a peacock onto my felt. You can copy or trace the one I have here if freehand drawing isn’t your thing. Just make sure that the lower back half is flat so we can attach it. Then cut out the peacock.

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And use your black marker to draw a little eye on each side. Place some hot glue on the flat back, and set it into place on the top of the stack of feathers. Make sure it’s set so it will be straight up when you set everything upright. Then take some extra hot glue and add it to the sides to make sure the body is secure.

Stand your peacock up, and you’re all done! I hope you have fun making this Popsicle Stick Peacock Craft!

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