Polymer Clay Friendship Necklaces

It’s been far too long since I’ve given you guys a new polymer clay tutorial! It’s such a fun and versatile medium, and super beginner friendly. Let’s learn how to make these Cookie Polymer Clay Friendship Necklaces today! If you’ve never worked with polymer clay before, make sure to check out my Beginners Guide to Polymer Clay so you know what types of clay to work with, how to condition the clay, and how to bake it! All my instructions will assume that you’ve read this post! This would be great project for teen friends who can’t visit in person right now, too!

Polymer Clay Friendship Necklaces

I remember back when dinosaurs roamed the earth… Ahem. I mean I remember the 90’s, when heart shaped friendship necklaces were a huge trend. I never liked the idea of someone considering themselves a broken heart unless they were with their friend though. However, I love the concept of matching or coordinating necklaces because it reinforces the concept that each person is whole by themselves, but even better with their friends. So today I’m going to show you step by step how to make these adorable cookie friends that can be a set or friendship necklaces, a pair of earrings, or even friendship charms for bracelets!

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Let’s get started.


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  • Light brown, dark brown, black, and white conditioned polymer clay (I used Sculpey III)
  • A smooth porcelain tile to work on
  • An index card for baking on
  • Very stiff bristled paintbrush or old toothbrush
  • Needle tool or a long pin
  • Dotting tool
  • Eye pins (wire pieces with round loops at the top, pictured later in the post)
  • Small jump rings
  • Necklace chains or cords
  • Flush cutters (wire cutters)
  • Two pairs of needle nose or bent nose pliers (for opening and closing jump rings)
  • An oven (for baking your clay)

Start by rolling two identically sized pieces of light brown clay into balls. Press them down onto your tile, and use your finger tip to work each one into a smooth domed shape. Keep the edges fairly thick so we can put an eye pin in later.

Grab your stiff paintbrush and stamp the bristles into the clay all over, creating a rough texture. This is one of my favorite techniques for texturing clay. Then take your dotting tool, and use the large and small ends to create really shallow dips in the cookie surface.

Go over it with your paintbrush again. Now grab your needle tool and make tiny indents randomly over the surface. Next you’re going to take the larger end of your dotting tool, and make two deep impressions where the eyes should be. For an extra cute cookie, make them centered in the head and wide apart.

Roll out a thin snake of black clay, and cut off two small pieces. Roll them into balls about the size of the end of your dotting tool, and use your needle tool to pick them up and place them into the holes for the eyes. Now use your large dotting tool again to gently press down on the balls so they spread out into the eye indents.

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Now you’re going to do the same thing with white clay to create highlights in the eye. Use a ball of clay that’s about a third of the size of the black ones, and put them slightly offset in the eyes. The highlight can be more to the left or right, or up or down to create different expressions. When you have the highlights placed where you want them, gently press them down with the dotting tool.

This cute little cookie needs some eyebrows and a smile! Roll a piece of black clay into a very thin snake. Cut off two small pieces for eyebrows. Place them with your needle tool, and press them down gently with your finger. Then cut a slightly longer section, and use your needle tool and fingers to form it into a smile shape. Then gently place it on your cookie, make sure you’re happy with how it looks, and press it into place.

A cookie without chocolate chips is a sad thing in my world, so let’s add some! Take your dark brown clay and roll it into a thin snake. Cut off lots of small pieces, and roll them into balls. Set them where you’d like on your cookie, and gently press them into place.

See how cute it is? I love making miniature food with polymer clay.

See those long pieces of wire with loops at the top? Those are eye pins, and they’re key to turning nearly anything you can make out of polymer clay into a charm or pendant. First hold your eye pin up to your cookie. You want the eye pin to go about halfway into the cookie, so trim it with your flush cutters to the right length. Now, if you just push it in, it’s likely to fall out when it’s baked. So to keep the eye pin locked in place without having to use glue after it’s baked, we take out pliers and make a bend in the end of the pin.

For this next part, hold the cookie gently so you don’t smush it! Now you’re going to push this end of the pin into the cookie, making sure it’s centered on top and not too far towards the front or back of the cookie. Right in the middle. When you get to the bend, slowly rotate the pin so it’s going straight in the rest of the way. If you’re nervous, try pushing it in a scrap piece of clay first to get the technique down.

And now we have an eye pin securely embedded in our cookie!

Now you’re going to put an eye pin in your second cookie, and put both of them on top of an index card on top of your porcelain tile. Next you’re going to bake them according to the instructions on the type of polymer clay that you’re using. I used Sculpey III, so I baked mine at 275 F for 15 minutes. When they’re done, take them out of the oven and let them cool completely.

Now your cookies are ready to be make into whatever kind of jewelry you’d like! Today however, we’re making them into necklaces. Open up a jump ring by holding each side with a pair pf pliers and twisting them away from each other. Hold the jump ring with one set of pliers, and put both the eye pin of one cookie and your necklace chain on the jump ring. Now use your second pair of pliers again to close the jump ring.

Polymer Clay Friendship Necklaces

And you’re all done! A cookie necklace! See how easy it is?

Polymer Clay Friendship Necklaces

Now make your second cookie into a necklace, and share it with a friend!

Polymer Clay Friendship Necklaces

I just love how these Polymer Clay Friendship Necklaces turned out! If you loved this project, make sure to check out my Polymer Clay Cupcake Earrings!

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