Polymer Clay Fairy Door Tutorial

Polymer Clay Fairy Door Tutorial

Hello there! Today I’m sharing this Polymer Clay Fairy Door Tutorial with you! These are simple to make and very cute. You can make them to match your decor, or to jazz up the front of a fairy house. I love making these to put on the side of bookshelves or against a small wall in a kids bedroom or even your kitchen. They add such a cute touch of whimsey to your home. You can even make ones that are themed to match different holidays like Christmas or Halloween. The only limit is your imagination! If you haven’t worked with polymer clay before, make sure to check out my Introduction to Polymer Clay for the basics. Let’s get started!

Polymer Clay Fairy Door Tutorial


  • Polymer clay in your choice of colors. I used 3 browns, 3 greens, a gold and a gray.
  • Clay roller.
  • Needle tool.
  • Dotting tool.
  • Old toothbrush. For texturizing.
  • A craft knife or plastic cutting tool.
  • Porcelain tile. Or other work surface.
  • Copy paper.
  • Oven.

Start by taking your shades of brown clay and rolling them into balls, then into snakes. Twist them together, fold the twist over, and twist again.

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Continue this process until your clay is finely marbled, so it resembled a wood grain pattern. Then roll it into a ball. Look at the ball and find the side that has the straightest patten, and make sure that side is on top. Take your clay roller and roll out your clay. It should be about as think as two quarters stacked together. Make sure you can lift the clay from your work surface.

Now take your dotting tool and sketch out the shape of your door. When you’re happy with it, go ahead and use your craft knife to cut it out. Now lift the door up and place a piece of copy paper underneath it, with at least two inches of paper on each side of the door.

This will help us be able to move the door around easily and keep it from getting shiny on the back when baked. Now make sure not to leave your unbaked door on the paper for more than an hour or so. If you leave raw polymer clay on paper for more than 1-2 hours, the paper will absorb some of the plasticizer and your finished project won’t be as strong.

Now take your needle tool and make lines down the length of your door to make the wood planks.

Using your needle tool, make some of these shapes randomly, and use your tool to rough up the inside of the shapes to create the look of knots in the wood. Then use your tool to lightly trace the pattern in the clay to create the wood texture.

Now take your gray clay, and start pinching off different sizes of small balls. Attach these to the outside of your door, pressing gently to adhere them to the door edges and to each other. Change up the sizes and shapes to make the stones look real. When you have all your stones in place, take your clean old tooth brush and gently press it into the stones to create texture.

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They should look like this! Isn’t it cool how you can make things look so realistic with basic tools?

Now take your three shades of green clay, and do the same thing you did with the stones, but on the bottom of your door. Press them firmly and make sure they’re fairly flat on the bottom edge. Now take your needle tool and use poking and swirling motions to texture the green clay, and it starts to look like grass! This is a great technique to make grass, moss, and bushes.

This step takes a few minutes, but the results are so cool!

Now we need a way to open that cute little door! Take your gold clay and roll it out. Cut out two of these arrow shapes, a square, and roll up a small ball. Place the arrows where you want the hinges to be. Press the square down for the handle base plate, and press the ball on top of it to make the handle.

Now take your needle or dotting tools and start decorating those hinges and handle! Fairies love shiny, decorative things. I did a simple pattern on the hinges and handle using my dotting tool. Now is where you can add anything else you’d like to decorate your door before it’s baked, but I liked mine nice and simple. Place your paper and door on a baking safe surface (I use a porcelain tile) and bake according to the clay manufacturer’s instructions. I used Sculpey and baked mine at 275 F for 25 minutes.

You’re all done!

These look so cute against boxes or other storage pieces.

And I love putting them against walls and baseboards! You can use sticky tack, double sided tape, or even light command strips to attach them in place. I hope you enjoyed this Polymer Clay Fairy Door Tutorial!

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