Polar Bear Day Activities for Kids

Did you know that polar bears are becoming more threatened due to climate change? Sea ice is melting at an alarming rate, and polar bears need sea ice in order to hunt for food – namely, seals. These beautiful bears are having to swim farther and farther – sometimes hundreds of miles – in order to find food. Polar Bears International is a conservation group dedicated to spreading the word about the threat to polar bear habitat and to saving this animal. One of our readers emailed us and asked if we had any resources for Polar Bear Day, which is an international day of activism and awareness to save the polar bear. So we put together some Polar Bear Day activities for kids so that you can use them in the classroom as part of a learning unit.

This animation from NASA shows just how much ice the arctic has lost since 1980. Polar Bears International has a whole online Education Center with lesson plans, webcasts, and presentation materials you can use!

Arctic Ice Sea Loss Animation by NASA


Polar Bear Day Activities for Kids

How to Draw Arctic Animals

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Polar Bear Day Activities to Print

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