Poinsettia Hair Bow Tutorial

Today I have a cute and quick hair bow that’s perfect for the Christmas season! It’s a poinsettia that can be made as large or small as you’d like depending on your ribbon width, and is easily matched to any outfit.

Here’s what you need:

  • Ribbon for the poinsettia (at least 1 inch or wider)
  • 3/8 in ribbon for lining the hair clip
  • double prong hair clip
  • thin jewelry wire
  • pearls or other beads for the center
  • hot glue gun (not shown)
We’re going to start by lining our hair clip with ribbon. Open up your clip, place a dot of hot glue on the end of your ribbon, and attach to the inside top of your clip. Don’t cut your ribbon yet, we’ll do that after it’s all attached.
Run a line of hot glue about an inch and a half down your ribbon.
And quickly fold your ribbon over the top of the clip, pressing down to secure.
Now you’re going to run another short line of glue down the ribbon, tucking it into the spring end of the clip and over the back.
Glue down to the point where the prongs separate, and then trim your ribbon. We don’t line the entire clip because that makes it very difficult to slip it in the hair easily.
That’s done, so set your lined clip aside while we work on the poinsettia.
Here I used a sheer wide ribbon, but this works wonderfully with everything from a grosgrain to a satin ribbon. Cut the starting edge of your ribbon at a diagonal. The sharper the angle, the longer and thinner your poinsettia petals will be. A shallow angle will give you short and wide petals.
Cut your ribbon again at the same diagonal.
Creating a diamond.
Now cut two more, for a total of three diamonds.
And also cut a piece of your thin wire.
Next you’re going to take your first diamond, and fold the two short tips up together, and then one down on either side. This creates a nice even pinch in the middle. Hold this pinch with your other fingers (or a paper clip!)
Pinch your other 2 petals, and then stack them all together like this.
Take that wire you cut and wrap it around your three poinsettia petals.
Trim the excess wire.
And start shaping your petals! If there are any that don’t want to adjust well, you can use a tiny drop of hot glue to help the center edges stay together.
Next we’re going to take our center pearls or beads, and glue them to the middle of our poinsettia. Put the glue on the bead, not the the petals.
I recommend attaching them in odd numbers for a pretty effect.
Get your lined hair clip, and run a line of hot glue down the top of it.
Attach your poinsettia, and arrange the petals to land where you want them to while the glue is still pliable.
There you have it! A cute poinsettia hair bow that can be made to match any holiday outfit. They’re inexpensive to create and make great gifts for friends or cousins!

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