Picasso Art Project for Kids – Paper Collage

Pablo Picasso is probably the most well-known artist of the 20th century. His early artwork was very realistic and displayed his advanced level of artistic talent. As his career progressed, his work becomes less realistic and more abstract. He is known for co-founding the modern art movement, cubism with fellow artist Georges Braque. Let’s explore his abstract work and play with collage paper in this Picasso art project for kids based on a piece he did in 1912.

Picasso Art Project for Kids - Paper Collage for Grades 2-4Who Was Pablo Picasso?

Picasso was born in 1881 in Spain. His father was a professor of art and a painter who specialized in realistic depictions of birds and other game. Picasso was classically trained as an artist by his father and began drawing at a young age. His mother said his first words were the Spanish word for a pencil! Picasso’s father instructed him in drawing and oil painting throughout his childhood. Picasso was also able to gain entrance to advanced classes at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona at age 13! What took average students a month to complete, Picasso was able to achieve in one week.

Supplied Needed for This Picasso Art Project for Kids

  • Cardstock or Construction Paper in the following colors:
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Cream or similar light color
  • Newspaper Print (printable sample here if you don’t have some handy)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Black Colored Pencil
  • Small Ruler (not shown)

Collage Art for Kids Materials

The inspiration for this art project is Picasso’s Head of a Man with Hat, 1912.

Picasso's Head of a Man with Hat, 1912

The first step of this art project is to cut a strip of the newsprint paper (about ¼ of the newsprint page).
Trim away any white edges and cut the strip into two pieces (one slightly larger than the other).
Cut the bottom edge of the smaller piece into a curved shape.

Kids paper collage project

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Next, cut a piece of the black and blue papers around the same size as the larger piece of newsprint paper.
Cut the black piece of paper into the curved shape you see on the bottom right.

How to Make a Paper Collage

Next, apply glue to the blue piece of paper and position it near the center of the light sheet of paper.
Apply glue to the other pieces of paper and attach them around the blue piece of paper as you see below.

paper collage project for elementary art class

Next, using Picasso’s artwork as an example, use the black colored pencil to create the lines that describe the man and his hat.
Feel free to be imaginative and create your own man with a hat or use Picasso’s artwork suggestions.
Use a small ruler for the straight lines if necessary to make it easier.

Abstract Art History for Kids Craft

The finished artwork:

Finished Picasso Abstract Art Project for Kids

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You might want to try this project with our printable maps for collage instead of newsprint!

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