Phys Ed Activities To Do Indoors

Hi everyone! To help with your health and fitness, I came up with a whole bunch of Phys Ed Activities To Do Indoors! There are a couple outdoor option activities, but the majority of the activities can be done inside and are fun even for kids who don’t love gym class.

Phys Ed Activities To Do Indoors

Phys Ed Activities To Do Indoors

I know that it’s harder to do physical education at home between stay at home orders due to COVID-19 and a lack of equipment. Parks aren’t always the best place to go because it can be hard to social distance properly, and a lot of us live in apartments with no outdoor spaces. Kids aren’t the best at social distancing too, so it can be safer for some families to just stay inside as well.

Getting Around Limitations

Lack of space? Live in an apartment and can’t jump? Don’t have any workout equipment? Don’t worry! I’m including a whole bunch of printables at the end of this post that have so many ideas for different fitness activities that work around those limitations. You need to work with what you CAN do, rather than focusing on what you can’t do right now.

But I Don’t Like Gym!!

That’s okay! There’s lots of activities that aren’t like gym at all that are fun and get you moving. You can play a physical video game like Just Dance, do yoga, or even learn a Tik Tok dance. Yep, learning a Tik Tok dance totally counts as physical movement and coordination!

You can do indoor Olympics against the other members of your family, or even compete against friends using Google Hangout or Zoom! If you like to keep things simple, you can even follow the weekly fitness calendar I provided that will get you up, moving, and trying something new every day.

Give these different Phys Ed Activities To Do Indoors a try, and let me know if they were helpful for you!

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Be sure to also check out our exercise and yoga printables for kids!

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