Personalized Back to School Pencils

Personalized Back to School Pencils

Today I’m going to show you how to make these awesome¬†Personalized Back to School Pencils! I’m going to share how to do three different styles, but the designs you can make are endless!

Personalized Back to School Pencils


  • Pencils.
  • Paint. I used pink and rose gold.
  • Paintbrush.
  • Standard and fine point permanent markers.
  • Washi tape.

We’re going to start by painting two of our pencils. One metallic rose gold, and one bright pink.

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I recommend doing several thin layers, letting the pencils dry throughly in between. It took 4 thin coats to fully cover these pencils. Let them dry for about an hour before moving on to the next step.

Polka Dot Pencil

Now take your pink pencil and your standard permanent marker, and begin making small dots all along one side of the pencil. Hexagonal pencils are great for this because it’s easy to know where to place the dots. For the next row, put each dot in between the dots of the first row, staggering them. Repeat this for every row until your whole pencil is polka dotted, and you’re all done!

Gold Name Pencil

Now let’s make a name pencil. Take your rose gold pencil, a fine point permanent marker, and some washi tape. Start by wrapping your cute washi tape to cover the metal part of your pencil.

Tip: If the washi tape won’t stick to itself well, use a permanent dot or tape roller to add extra adhesive to the end.

Now all you have to do is take your permanent marker and write you name on your pencil! You can add cute doodles, or even write a phrase or quote instead. So easy!

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Washi Tape Pencil

If your washi tape is opaque, you don’t need to paint your pencil. If you’re using a light or transparent washi tape, paint your pencil white first. I measured and cut a piece of washi tape from the metal part of the pencil to where it was sharpened. Apply it as straight as you can get it, and smooth down the sides.

Now if you didn’t use a super wide washi tape, you’ll need to apply a second piece on the other side of the pencil in the same way.

I also used a thin glitter washi to cover the metal piece on this pencil, and a cap eraser.

I think this is so cute, and a great way to revive a worn out looking pencil for a new school year.

You can take these basic techniques and create a huge variety of custom pencils for school this year!

The painted ones sharpen easily, and you might just need to peel the washi tape back a bit depending on the sharpener you’re using.

I hope you enjoyed making these Personalized Back to School Pencils with me! For another fun back to school craft, check out these fun decorated binder clips!

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