Paper Tube Race Car Project

We are a few weeks into what could be a many month self imposed isolation. Two of my boys are severely immunocompromised, so we are not taking any chances with them. As a family, we are pretty creative, but my boys would rather spend time on their electronic devices. Unfortunately for them, I am not the mom that allows that. So, one afternoon we pulled out our craft box, some LEGO mini figures, got to work making a paper tube race car!

Paper Tube Race Car Project

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  • Paper Tubes.
  • Glue. 
  • Buttons.
  • Scissors.
  • Markers.
  • LEGO Minifigures or Small Animals/Action Figures

This project is super simple and tons of fun.

We started making our paper tube race cars by cutting a small half oval shape in the top of the tube for the driver to sit. This step should be done by a parent or older child with supervision.

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Then, we found four similar sized buttons to glue on the side for wheels.

Alternatively, you could use a hole punch and punch holes in the front and back of the paper tube. Then, glue a button to one end of a straw cut to be just slightly longer than the paper tube is wide. Next, slide the straw into the holes you punched. Finally, glue a second button on the other side of the straw to secure it into place. Repeat for the second axel.

Now, use markers to decorate your paper tube race car.

Finally, add a driver and enjoy your awesome new wheels! We have already decided to re-make our paper tube race cars and have a soap box derby style race with them.

That’s it! I hope I have inspired you to create a fun new paper tube race car for your LEGO mini-figures, toy animals, or action figures! Maybe you can even use this as a science project and measure the distance each tube rolls.

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