Paper Plate Snow Globe Craft

Let’s learn how to make this Paper Plate Snow Globe Craft! This fun little snow globe is fun and easy to make. Plus you can easily add a photo to make a personal snow globe! We love versatile projects. Let’s get started!

Paper Plate Snow Globe Craft

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Paper Plate Snow Globe Craft

Snow Globe Craft Materials


  • Small piece of white construction paper for Snow Man.
  • Small piece of black construction paper for Snow Man’s hat.
  • Snow Tex and paintbrush. 
  • Markers for buttons and eyes.
  • Toothpick for the Snow Man’s arms.
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue.
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter.
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • Two clear plastic plates.

Being by drawing three circles on the white construction paper. These will be the snow man’s body, so draw a large, medium, and small sized circle.

How to make a snow glob craft

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Cut out each circle. Then, glue the large one on the bottom of one of the plates. Glue the medium circle onto the plate near the top of the large circle. Finally, glue the small circle onto the plate near the top of the medium circle.

Now, draw a small hat for the snow man on the black construction paper. Cut it out and glue it on the plate on the snow man’s head.

Adding Glitter to the Snow Globe Craft

Next, use markers to decorate the snow man. Add his buttons on the middle circle, and his face on the top circle. Then, carefully cut the toothpick in half and hot glue it on to the plate to give the snow man arms.

Decorate your snowman

Use a paint brush to add Snow Tex snow around the snow man on the bottom of the plate. Then, sprinkle glitter onto the plate.

Snowman Snow Globe Craft Tutorial

Finally, carefully hot glue the second clear plate on top of the first one. I added a ribbon of glue around the seem of the plates to keep any of the glitter from falling out.

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Finished Paper Plate Snow Globe Kids Craft

You’re all done! I hope you loved making your paper plate snow globe.


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