Paper Plate Pumpkin Puzzle Craft

When my kids were younger they would insist on getting pumpkins as soon as they arrived at the stores and pumpkin patches. Unfortunately, we live in Central Florida, so the pumpkins just don’t last long. It took a few years, but the boys finally agreed to getting fake pumpkins. But, they constantly wanted to change the faces on their pumpkins. So, I made them fun Paper Plate Pumpkin Puzzle Crafts. These simple pumpkins were the perfect quiet activity for car rides, long appointments, and even eating out.

Paper Plate Pumpkin Puzzle Craft

Paper Plate Pumpkin Puzzle Craft

Check out our easy pumpkin carving stencils or these printable pumpkin faces for more ideas to decorate these orange paper plates!

Jack-O-Lantern Craft Supplies:

  • Orange paper plate.
  • Black construction paper scraps.
  • Scissors.

This craft has been such a hit, my mom and sister have made them for their classrooms for years. They laminate their black face pieces, and have recently started to use a file folder with a printed pumpkin attached to the inside. Then, they laminate the whole file folder as well. No matter how you make it, this adorable little Paper Plate Pumpkin Puzzle Craft is the perfect activity for wiggly little ones!

Let’s get started!

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If you don’t have an orange paper plate, you can use orange construction paper, or simply paint a white paper plate orange. This will, obviously, be the pumpkin.

Now, find some scrap black paper and cut out a variety of shapes. This is a great opportunity to teach shapes to younger kids too! You could even make duplicate shapes and glue them onto the pumpkin for the kids to work on matching and fine motor skills. We cut out several triangle shapes, circle shapes, and a few different types of mouths.

I stored the pieces in a large zip top baggie. It was the perfect way to add a little more fine motor skill practice while keeping the pieces all together!

That’s it! I hope you’re inspired to create a fun little Paper Plate Pumpkin Puzzle Craft with your little ones too!


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