Paper Plate Beach Ball Art Project

My niece is really missing time at the beach with her cousins. So, we decided to send her a little package of beach goodies, including everything she would need to paint a fun beach ball! This project is so simple. But, it could easily be used as a math project in addition to an art project. I love projects that cover multiple subjects. Keep reading to see how to make your own paper plate beach ball art project!

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Paper Plate Beach Ball Art Project


  • 1 Paper Plate.
  • Red, Yellow, and Blue Paint. 
  • Paint Brush.
  • Optional – Ruler.
  • Optional – Beach Ball for Inspiration.

Since we just dropped this little project off at my niece’s house, we put all the supplies in a little beach bucket along with a small beach ball and other fun beach toys and treats.

If you want to use this project to tach math as well as art, use the ruler to mark equal sized triangles on the paper plate. You will need to draw out six triangles. My niece was too impatient to do this step, so her beach ball isn’t totally even or symmetrical.

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Once you have your triangles marked on the paper plate, add a little of each color paint to a second paper plate or pallet and begin painting.

First, paint one section red, then skip a section and paint the next triangle section blue. At this point, you will have a red, white, blue, white, white, white pattern on the paper plate. Finally, paint the middle white triangle yellow. Now, your beach ball should have a yellow, white, blue, white, red, white pattern, just like a traditional beach ball. You could add a white circle to the middle of the plate covering the points of the triangles if you wanted to as well.

That’s it! I hope I inspired you to send the beach to someone that could use a little sunshine and create a fun and easy paper plate beach ball art project.

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