Paper Pencil Puzzle DIY Craft for Kids

When my boys were younger, they spent hours playing with puzzles. They would have loved to make their own puzzles like this! This fun paper pencil puzzle project is a great activity for the first week of school. You can even use it to label personal spaces in a classroom. I love a project that can be used for more than one thing.

DIY Paper Pencil Puzzle

DIY Paper Pencil Puzzle


  • 1 piece of each – yellow, pink, brown, and black colored paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil and ruler.
  • Optional – glue and clear contact paper. 

This is a great project for elementary aged children to do in class the first weeks of school. You can allow the kids to draw and cut it out themselves. Or, you can pre-cut all of the pieces.

Start by drawing  a straight line about 2 inches from the top of the yellow paper. Then, cut it out. If you use the long side of the paper, you will be able to cut the strip in half and have two pencil sections.

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Then, cut a two inch section of black paper and a two by three inch section of pink paper.

Next, I cut out a triangle of brown paper. But, I made the the bottom of the triangle wavy like a sharpened pencil.

Then, I cut out a second, smaller triangle out of black paper to create the pencil lead tip.

After that, I was ready to trim the yellow section of the pencil to fit the triangle tip.

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Once I finished that cut, my puzzle was complete!

You can laminate the puzzle and let the children play with it like that. But, you could also make one for each student and ask the children to write their name on the pencil section and use contact paper to secure it to their desks or cubby holes. Either way, it’s a great project for little learners!

That’s it! I hope this DIY Pencil Puzzle has inspired you to create something fun with your kids this school year. Learn more about shapes with our preschool level Easy Hidden Pictures for Kids activity book!

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