Paper Insect Craft for Kids

I recently gave my mom and sister a stack of scrapbooking paper to use in their classrooms. And, my mom sent me a picture of the most adorable scrapbook paper insect her preschoolers made. It was too cute not to share. So, now you can make a darling cardstock paper insect craft project too!

Paper Insect Craft Project

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Paper Bug Craft Project Supplies:

  • Scrapbook or colorful cardstock.
  • Scissors.
  • School glue.
  • Sharpie marker. 
  • Construction paper.
  • Ribbon
  • Optional – googley eyes.

I grew up in a home that believed all animals were important. My mom would carefully scoop up bugs and critters that came into our home and place them back outside where they belong. When we found dead bugs we would look at them under a microscope and then put them back outside. Sometimes we would even bury them.

Because of that, I taught my students and my own children the same belief. We were never afraid of bugs or insects, and we walked carefully outside to make sure we didn’t step on any.

Let’s get started on the cutest cardstock insect craft you’ve ever seen! First, gather your supplies.

Then, cut out a large oval shape with a flat bottom for the body of the insect. Next, cut out a smaller oval for the insect’s head. Now, cut six smaller pieces of ribbon to use as the insect’s legs.

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Finally, you can begin to assemble your insect!

First, glue the body onto a sheet of construction paper. Then, carefully glue three ribbon legs on each side of the body, tucking one end under the body. Now, glue on the insect’s head.

Once the glue dries, use a marker to add antennae and eyes. You could use googly eyes too.

That’s it! I hope this darling little cardstock paper insect craft has inspired you to create your own cute little bugs. You could make more detailed shapes and even frame them to make cute art for a play room!

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