Kid-Friendly Art Project – Painting with Bubbles

I’ve seen this project several places, including the new craft book I bought with a birthday gift card.  (There’s a swear word in the title, so I won’t type it here.)  Anyway, I was dying to try it out, and now Dot keeps asking me over and over if we can do it again.  The results were actually kind of stunning, as we ended up with custom stationery that has an awesome marbled effect, but I was terrified the whole time because we did it in the carpeted dining room.  I hightly recommend doing it in the kitchen in case one of your pans of bubbles spills.

What you’ll need to do some bubble painting:

  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Shallow dishes or pans
  • Straws
  • Paper (we used blank cards and envelopes to make stationery)
Lay your paper over the top of the pan and smoosh the bubbles down with it.  ("Smoosh" is a very technical term, by the way.)

Lay your paper over the top of the pan and smoosh the bubbles down with it. (“Smoosh” is a very technical term, by the way.)

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Do this several times to cover the whole paper.  We also used more than one color on a paper to make more colorful designs.

Here are a few of our finished bubble art pieces:

What I Learned the Hard Way: You need a LOT of food coloring in the water.  I think we ended up using about eight drops to about half a cup of water.

What Dot Learned the Hard Way: Blow, don’t suck.  (Oops!)

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  1. Beulah Smith

    My, my, I really like your creative and marvellous ideas of painting with bubbles. We needed to use paint for our class project and this is an amazing idea. I”m so happy and thanks a million.

  2. Mari,

    It sounds so simple – and now that summer’s here I’m thinking maybe if we do it outside I can try it with my 2.5 yo….. I’m sure it will still be a mess.
    Definitely going to try it with tempera paint.

    1. Post author
      Lorna Doone Brewer


      If you want to see how easy it really is, here’s a link to a 5 minute video of Dot and me doing the project. Also, we just did it again, this time using the tempera paint as suggested here, outside with some friends. It was messy, but all the kids from 2.5 to 5 years enjoyed themselves!

  3. Kim

    Instead of using food coloring, since that stains, use tempera paint. The colors will be 100x more vibrant and it can be washed out of clothes!


  4. Stephanie

    You can also do this same type of effect with shaving cream. Cover a paper plate with shaving cream, place a few drops of food coloring on the plate, use a plastic knife and run it through the shaving cream a few times to create swirls. Place a piece of paper on top of the shaving cream and press down lightly. Scrape off the shaving cream and allow the paper to dry. It looks cool and smells great too! I used the shaving cream in the can…the cheapest kind I could find =)Note: The food coloring will stain your fingers for a day or so.

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