Ocean Color by Number Pages

Here are nine super fun under the sea ocean color by number pages. These worksheets are great for helping preschoolers and kindergarteners with their number recognition and fine motor skills. They also give them experience with using a legend and following directions. Each coloring page within this collection uses between three and six colors, so you can choose the level of difficulty for your little one. This set of printables includes an ocean filled with sea creatures: a dolphin, a crab, a whale, a jellyfish, a surfing shark and even some mermaids make their appearance here.

We were excited to find this list of 25+ Amazing Virtual Field Trips that includes some fabulous live tours of aquariums. Use these coloring pages as a supplement to your child’s aquarium experience. How many sea creatures can they unveil with their coloring that they saw during their virtual tour?

Ocean Color by Number Pages

As always, our mission is to create engaging educational kids activities that will generate more free time for YOU. These pages will definitely do that! Kids love color by number pages and thrive on the challenge of unveiling the mystery picture.  Grab your kiddo’s favorite crayons, markers or colored pencils and have them dive in!

Ocean Color by Number Pages

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